Watches World: A ponies tale

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Watches world lets you shop using your crypto!

If you are looking for luxury, look no further! Watches World ( is an online sales platform for luxury watches. With a variety of brands ranging from Audemars Piguet to Rolex, Watches World has something for every collector.

Watches World is renowned for its quality and excellent customer support, making every transaction effortless and personalised for their customers. The company prioritises the customer’s needs, stating: “Everything we do, we believe in changing the current vision of the luxury world. We wanted to implement a global, simple and accessible way to buy and sell luxury watches with personalised assistance. We focus on complete customer satisfaction.”

One of the many great qualities of Watches World is that they stay ahead of the curve with their collections and services. They allow their customers to pay using major cryptocurrencies through GloBee.

Who are Watches Worlds customers?

We had a chance to chat with Monero’s lead maintainer and avid watch collector, Riccardo ‘Fluffy Pony’ Spagni. He shared his thoughts on the luxury watch world as well as his personal experience with Watches World. Here’s how that conversation went:

B: How did you hear about Watches World?

RS: I found Watches World on Chrono 24

B: What about Watches Worlds service stood out for you?

RS: “I appreciated that when the watch I had bought from them had a problem, they sorted it out for me immediately. Even though I was halfway across the planet in the USA, they got someone to collect my watch and swap it out with a replacement immediately. It wasn’t a common watch, it was an HYT, the fact that they went to the ends of the earth to replace it was impressive”

B: Where does your appreciation of watches come from?

RS: “I believe that watchmakers were the original hackers because they had to work in a very technical field with limited space. You have all of these space constraints in a watch and they’ve had to come up with all sorts of engineering tricks to try and accomplish the features they would like to include. So, they’re the original hackers.”

B: Which is your favourite watch, and why?

RS: “That’s like asking which is your favourite child! It changes all of the time. If I had to pick a watch that I really enjoy at the moment – it would be a Laurent Ferrier. It’s a dress watch. It isn’t a watch that I can wear with jeans and a T-shirt, I mean, I’ve worn them with Yeezys, but it isn’t an everyday watch.”

B: Do you match your watch to your outfit?

RS: “Yes, I often will say well I’m wearing red shoes, so I’ll wear a red watch.”

B: Well do you ever choose an outfit according to a watch you want to wear?

RS: “Yes, if I really want to wear a watch, I’ll wear crazy shoes so that it doesn’t matter which watch I’m wearing or I’ll wear toned down shoes so that it doesn’t steal attention from the watch.”

B: We saw a piece that you did where you matched sneakers to crypto, so we want you to match cryptocurrencies to watch brands

Bitcoin: “Bitcoin is Rolex, it is a tool watch that is incredibly reliable. Rolex is the inventor of so many things, we wouldn’t have so many of the things we have grown used to in timepieces today if it wasn’t for Rolex. They have made massive technological advancements such as the diving watch. They are renowned. I would say that they are arguably the most popular high-end watch brand on the market. When people think of a watch brand that represents success and wealth, invariably their mind goes to Rolex. They have ‘the network’ effect!”

Monero: “HYT – They are independent and small, but they have been doing very cool stuff. They’re not doing what everyone else is doing, they are experimental and they’re the only ones who are doing liquid in watches so they’re unique.”

Ripple: “Ripple is a fake Rolex. It may look authentic, but deep down inside you know that you only paid 50 dollars for it.”

Bitcoin Cash: “BCH is Invicta. They are a ‘wannabe’ brand, they spend a ton of money on marketing and their watches are super mediocre. The reason people buy them is, if you go into an Invicta store and buy a watch they’ll give you like a 90% discount. So, you think the watch is worth ten thousand dollars, but you only paid a thousand dollars for it.

Grin: “Grin is an Apple watch. It has all of the bells and whistles and one day we’ll all be wearing Apple watches but, for now, we’re quite comfortable with our mechanical watches.

Litecoin: “Litecoin is an Omega, it is a decent tool watch. It has taken a lot of cues from Rolex, it’s cheaper and of course, it went to the moon.

Final thoughts:

If you’re a watch collector and you haven’t checked out Watches World yet, be sure to. Their stores and lounges are in 9 countries and can be contacted as below:

Mobile(UK and Hong Kong): +44 7470 36 4777 (Whatsapp)

Mobile(FR): +33 649 834 162 (Whatsapp)

Mobile(UAE): +971 55 918 5511 (Whatsapp & Botim)



Their complete collection is available on

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