Tips for accepting cryptocurrency

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For many merchants accepting cryptocurrency is a new experience. Merchants often have some trepidation towards accepting crypto due to its volatility, meaning the fluctuations in its value. Yet, with GloBee that should not be a point of concern as we can settle in fiat into the merchants’ bank account.As a merchant, accepting crypto payments can benefit your business .
We have put together a few pointers to help you increase your crypto sales:

Accept all cryptocurrencies

Why make allegiance to just one currency? Accepting all currencies opens you up, as a merchant, to accepting payment from a variety of customer who hold different cryptocurrencies.

List the accepted coins

Many customers would not know that they can buy using their favourite cryptocurrency until they reach the checkout page. Let your customers start browsing with the anticipation of knowing that they can pay using crypto.

You can add specials for items purchased with crypto

Crypto transactions are cheaper than Visa and Mastercard in most cases for merchants and customers.

Eliminate chargeback fraud

A Bitcoin transaction is immutable. Once a client has paid for a product or service, the money is in your account. Unlike credit card payments, charges cannot be reversed.

Your money is immediately available

Unlike bank transactions, there is no waiting period for the funds to clear. Crypto payments (especially BTC payments through GloBee),are immediate and the funds are accessible in your wallet. These transactions can also be converted into fiat.

Lower transaction costs

Credit card payments can end up costing between 2-4%transaction fees.

Attract new customers

Many crypto users will be thrilled that they can spend their favourite cryptocurrency at your shop, why exclude them?

Buy into inevitable business practices

In the future, as adoption increases, accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment will be the norm. Be ahead of the curve and start accepting them now.

It is worth noting that if you are a part of any of the above industries – accepting crypto should be a priority for you. This is because an increasing amount of customers gravitate towards using their crypto within these industries. Join us in the great crypto revolution.

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